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Google Stealing Engineering Talent Claims Oracle

Oracle’s lawyers have accused Google of actively stealing engineering talent from the enterprise software maker.

Search engine giant Google has filed a request for a stay in the on-going patent infringement lawsuit with Oracle. Google claims that the case should be stayed until the relevance and validity of the patents cited by Oracle have been established.

Oracle on the other hand, has opposed the request by claiming that a speedy trial is necessary because Google is poaching Oracle engineers. The company also pointed out that Android continues to increase its market share, with 500,000 devices being activated daily.

“The prejudicial impact of such a delay would be particularly acute as Android continues to gain market share at a dramatic pace, growing at over 500,000 activations per day ... and as knowledgeable Oracle employees continue to be lost to turnover (many being hired away by Google),” the Oracle filing read.

Meanwhile, Google’s lawyers have also indicated that the company might be open to settling with Oracle out of court. The company said that by re-examining the patents being cited by Oracle, the scope of its claims can be narrowed, which might lead to the two companies opting for settling out of court.