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iPhone 5 Could Sport Improved Voice Control System

With iOS 5 coming towards the end of this year, an enhanced voice control system, to be applied to menu navigation, alerts and prompts, could well be one unannounced feature, according to AppleInsider (opens in new tab).

By adopting the system (revealed in a patent filing), Apple aims to reduce the large amount of information that may, at times, overwhelm the user, especially when they are already familiar with a certain iPhone application. And shorter prompts would naturally lead to a faster navigation.

For example, the system recognizes if a user has already been introduced to certain information in a given context, and spares them from hearing the same thing all over again. Moreover, it could work based on the user's preferences, and only provide him the important information that suits his needs.

Apparently, many ideas in this intelligent system might have emerged when Apple acquired Siri, an iPhone personal assistant application mainly based on voice commands.

Another patent application published this week targets a user's frustration when using voice command systems, since it has been noted that users often get frustrated when they have to wait too long for a voice command to be processed by the system. In order to overcome this flaw, the application would associate time ranges with system prompts.

Namely, after a prompt ends, the processed voice command could still be associated with a prior prompt, thus decreasing the frustrating delay.

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