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Is Apple's iPad Hurting Mac Sales?

Apple's quarterly earnings report yesterday revealed record breaking sales of iPads, with the company shipping 9.25 million tablets, that is 183% more than they shipped in Q3 last year.

The considerable profit growth was not only due to record sales of iPhones and iPads, but of Mac computers as well. Reportedly, the company has managed to sell 3.95 million units, 14 per cent more than the same quarter last year.

However, it has been suggested by many pudits that the iPad tablet's rise has greatly impacted sales of PCs, and Apple's Mac computers do fall into that declining category. Can it be then that Apple is competing with itself, and the iPad is hurting Mac sales?

While many customers need the power as well as flexibility that a laptop provides, the iPad fulfils many of the user's needs; such as web surfing, checking email, or performing other basic tasks. Actually, an iPad could do all these even better than a laptop, since it gives one the possibility to zoom in and out of a page, and the fact that it weighs less makes it much more comfortable to carry around.

Plus, an iPad's price is more accessible than that of a Mac computer; the tablet starts from $499, while a Mac is double that, at $999. Then again, provided that both are Apple devices, regardless of the customer's choice, it's a win-win situation for the company.

At present it seems that the Mac is happily co-existing with its tablet little brother, based on the latest sales figures.

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