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Is Google Ready To Settle Out of Court with Oracle?

The on-going legal dispute between the internet search giant Google Inc. and enterprise software maker Oracle, has taken an unexpected new turn with the former revealing that the company is ready to consider settling the case.

Though the latest stand taken by Google on the till-now-one-sided conflict may appear to be an admission on the company’s part of some wrongdoing, as often claimed by Oracle, industry observers say that it is more of a desperate attempt by the company to kiss a final good bye to the problem once and for all.

Apparently, the new stand taken by the Mountain View, California based search giant came into the open after patent blogger Florian Mueller spotted a statement in the latest round of court filing by the company that suggested its growing inclination towards a settlement in the issue.

“Such a narrowed case will also eliminate the need for those efforts specifically directed at the claims rejected through re-examination, including motion practice, expert reports, and other trial preparation, as well as make it more likely that the parties could reach an informal resolution of the matter,” the filing read.