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Microsoft Enhances Bing Maps Service Through Gigwalk

Microsoft has launched a new campaign that will allow users to conduct visual surveys and do a wide range of tasks using the Gigwalk app. But, the highlighting point of this new campaign is, however, not the fact that Microsoft is crowd sourcing its projects - but those users who participate in the program, will be paid by the company.

According to reports, thousands of projects have already been assigned to users, the end results of which will be featured into the software juggernaut’s Bing Maps service.

The company announced that over 7,430 tasks will be completed in the region in and around South Florida, most of which will be paying about $5. However, a huge segment of the assignments have been granted to iPhone 4 users as the Apple device is equipped with one of the better smartphone cameras available today.

The company had also revealed that more than 116,000 gigs have been already listed all over the country, while the number of users of the Gigwalk app has already surpassed the 50,000 mark. It’s important to note here that it has been almost a couple of month since the Gigwalk app was unveiled in May this year.