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Microsoft Gifts $2 Million to Non-profit Groups

New report has revealed that the Windows maker Microsoft Corp. is planning to donate $2 million to Non-profit groups in the 13 Appalachian states with the view of providing a better training programme to the region’s work force in order to keep in sync with an economy primarily driven by technology and knowledge.

The Appalachian Regional Commission has also confirmed the reports by announcing that the software giant is going to donate the said amount to the regions non-profit organisations - the second instance of such generosity shown by the company in six years.

Senators from two states - Mississippi and West Virginia, out of the 13 are already believed to have received the grants.

"As we look for solutions to help people find work, lack of education remains a barrier for many," Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss stated, as reported by Forbes (opens in new tab).

"A person looking for a job is much more likely to be successful if they have the labor skills that meet employers' needs,” the senator added.

Though any non-profit organisation from within the region can apply for the grant, more focus will be on those specialising in technology, training and workforce development.

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