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Microsoft Patent Predicts Possible Browser Switch

A new patent acquired by Microsoft Corp. enables the company to intercept a possible switch from one search engine to another by a user.

According to Conceivably Tech, a new patent granted to the Redmond, Washington-based software giant enables the company to predict a possible change of search engine a user might be thinking of and maintain its Bing user base.

The patent titled “Predicting and using search engine switching behavior” uses results from a real time survey and enables the search engine to monitor the actions of its users and maintain a database with events that could potentially indicate a possible switch.

“A tool may facilitate switching between multiple engines. The tool may submit the current query to a user’s preferred engine but when the tool detects that the user is going to switch, it may relay the same query to other engines previously specified.” Microsoft noted.

The company believes that the patent product could be well effective in taking note of its user dissatisfaction level globally and the rate at which users change their search engine as well.

At present, Microsoft’s Bing search engine ranks third in the US market with 14.4% market share. It lags behind Yahoo with 15.9% and Google with 65.5%.