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New CDF Format Promises Highly Interactive Documents

Conrad Wolfram has launched a new document format, which he claims is as interactive as an application; in contrast to the present "flat, lifeless, inactive" online documents.

According to tech website The Next Web, Conrad Wolfram, the man behind Wolfram Research has launched a new format for documents with the hope that his product will change the shape of documents across the world.

The new format, titled the Computable Document Format (CDF) is an expanded medium for complex documents. According to Wolfram, the new setup is aimed at bringing a new level of computation to documents that are portable.

"CDF binds together and refines lots of technologies and ideas from our last 20-plus years into a single standard. Knowledge apps, symbolic documents, automation layering, and democratised computation, to name a few,” Wolfram wrote in his blog.

Interestingly, the CDF format document can be easily used not only by programmers but also by everyday users as well.

According to the details furnished, users who are willing to create CDF documents will need Mathematica 8 software by Wolfram himself, while users wanting to take a look at the CDF documents will require a CDF player.

The CDF player is available for users of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux as a free download. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.