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Noon News: Can Apple Reduce Piracy with Mac OS X Lion? Google Emerges as an Investor of Zynga, Google Credit Card

Apple's got a cunning plan to reduce the piracy of Mac software on the desktop and that entails changing the way software is distributed as well as changing the cost structure. It's obvious that Lion won't be a "share-a-disk" OS like Windows has been for decades now. Mac OS X 10.7 is the first mainstream OS to be offered as a downloadable option only which requires a login, password, card number and other security credentials.

Google Inc. has decided to shut down Labs in order to streamline its range of services and prioritise development in the company. According to tech website PC World, the internet search giant has decided to close its Labs feature to focus more on developing crucial products and services in the future.

If Apple wins the patent case against Smartphone maker HTC, Google’s advancement in the global market with its Android operating system might get severely affected. According to Bloomberg, Taiwan-based phone maker HTC is already facing the jolt due to the initial ruling of a Federal judge accusing HTC of infringing upon two Apple’s patents in its Smartphone technology.

Social games maker Zynga’s updated filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that Google is one of its investors. The company, which is planning to launch an IPO soon, revealed that search engine giant Google is one of its top investors. Interestingly, Facebook is also an investor and has exclusive rights over some of Zynga’s most popular games.

Android maker Google is offering a credit card for select US based online advertisers for flexible spending as the competition in the advertising business heats up. According to an article on Reuters, the company claims that the credit card comes with a competitive interest rate, increased credit limits and no yearly fees.

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