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Oracle Introduces Upgraded VirtualBox 4.1 For Enterprises

Oracle Corp updated its VirtualBox virtualisation software to make it more compatible with large scale businesses on Tuesday.

According to tech website PC World, the California-based hardware and software developer for enterprises Oracle Corp has launched the latest version, VM Virtual Box 4.1, which has extended facilities such as cloning and enhanced remote access.

"VirtualBox is part of Oracle's VDI [virtual desktop interface] solution, so a lot of the enhancements we worked on were driven by the VDI team building a new product," stated Wim Coekaerts, the senior vice president for LInux and virtualisation engineering division at Oracle.

According to the details supplied, the latest version boasts of a number of features including cloning of virtual machines and enhanced support for large systems and applications. The cloning capability enables users to make a copy of active virtual machines.

The new version offers support both as a host and guest for several operating systems including Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris, Windows, Oracle Linux and other Linux products.

VirtualBox originally was developed by German company Innotek which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008. The product fell into Oracle’s lap after Oracle Corp took over Sun Microsystems last year.