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Phone hacking fears spread to the Taliban

A spokesperson for the Taliban has claimed that both their phones and website have been hacked, with text messages sent out claiming their hermit-like leader Mullah Mohammed Omar to be dead – an allegation the group strongly refute.

Messages, which were purportedly sent from phone used by spokesmen for the group Zabihullah Nujahid and, Mohammad Qari Yousuf, read: "Spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid has died," adding: "May Allah bless his soul".

But Zabihullah Nujahid told CNN, the recent stories “are just propaganda against our leader and our mission.”

"This is the work of American intelligence, and we will take revenge on the telephone network providers," Nujahid told Reuters.

Although NATO’s knowledge regarding Omar’s existence remains unknown, sightings of the Talibandit are rumoured to have occurred on multiple occasions. While his involvement with Osama Bin Laden made him a wanted figure by the US State Department, little is actually known about Omar (pictured) - aside from the fact he only has eye. Reluctant to be photographed or filmed, he rarely gives interviews and is alleged to have met only two non-Muslims in the past few years.

Information regarding his capture is currently being offered by the US government at a total of $10 million. Rumours citing his disappearance however, are priceless.