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UK Government’s Classified Documents on The Cloud

Collaborative cloud computing service provider Huddle has been awarded the contract to offer the UK public servants a system for accessing classified and restricted documents on the cloud.

Huddle, along with ICT security services provider FCO, has launched Huddle IL3, a public cloud computing system that will be used by government employees to access and work on restricted documents. UK public servants will be the first in the world to access restricted documents on the cloud.

The new platform has been designed to increase efficiency and reduce the costs by allowing government officials to access restricted documents, hold discussions and review the content from a centralised platform.

Huddle IL3 is based on FCO Services’ Government Secure Application Environment. Certain government agencies already use Huddle services for accessing files.

“While the majority of the market is well-placed to reap the benefits of public cloud offerings, there are a few sectors, such as government, where regulatory requirements make this impossible,” said Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle.

“Working together, we are combining Huddle’s expertise in online collaboration with FCO Services’ experience of providing essential, secure support services to government at higher security levels.” he added.