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Adobe Releases Long List Of Issues With Mac OS X Lion

Within a day of the launch of Apple’s latest operating system, the Mac OS X Lion, Adobe has come up with a list of issues that users of Adobe may suffer on Lion.

According to tech website ZDNet, the San Jose, California-based Adobe Systems Inc. has released a long list of incompatibility issues users of the new Lion OS may suffer with Adobe’s services. The list titled "Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion" consists of detailed problems with at least 19 Adobe applications.

Among the listed issues, inconsistent performance of Java tops the list. According to Adobe, Java Runtime is to be installed manually while Lion does not host support for Rosetta anymore.

The Safari 5.1 web browser does not support plug-ins for both Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Lion has disabled droplets for Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5. Even the colour samples returned in Dreamweaver CS4 are incorrect.

The System Preference for restoring windows when quitting and re-opening apps, also has issues, with Adobe stating: "This feature requires new code in order to work properly. Adobe will research adding this functionality for inclusion in future versions of our products."

However, one has to wonder why Adobe did not work to solve these issues instead of Lion's release? But then, Adobe wouldn't have been able to release its long detailed list.