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AMNews: iPad 2 Has Samsung Display Driver, iPhone 5 Coming in September? Fujitsu Announces Windows 7 Smartphone

iFixit, the company that offers free repair manuals and tears apart gadgets to see what they are made of, has recently made a surprising discovery, 9to5Mac reports. It seems that newer versions of the iPad 2 incorporate a Samsung display driver, while iPad tablets produced until March 2011 had LG display drivers, labelled as SW0627B, also used in the original iPad.

For months now, rumours have pointed towards a likely autumn release of Apple's iPhone 5, with the consensus being it will probably arrive in September. Apple, as usual, is keeping everyone in suspense, neither confirming nor denying the reports, but with September getting closer and closer, many are eagerly awaiting an announcement. Or has it already come?

Apple will offer its latest operating system, Mac OS X Lion, on a USB stick for $69.99 in the US which is more than double the £29.99 Apple is charging for the digital download from its Mac App Store. The company has abruptly dropped its SuperDrive optical disk drives from the Mac Mini and the new MacBook air laptops although you can stil get them for £69 from Apple store.

Apple has quietly canned the white Macbook, leaving only the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro as the remaining laptops in the company's portfolio. The move coincided with the release of the new Macbook Air yesterday which now means that customers will need to pay at least £529 to get a computer that runs an Apple OS (the Mac Mini) or £849 for a portable device (the 11.6-inch Macbook Air).

Fujitsu has announced a Smartphone capable of running fully-featured copy of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. And we're not talking Windows Phone 7 here. The F-07C, is a fully Windows-capable PC masquerading as a Smartphone. Powered by an Intel Atom processor, it's the most ambitious Smartphone for some time according to thinq_

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