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Anonymous Leader And Guardian Editor Have Twitter Fracas

An open conversation between one of the suspected leaders of hacker-group Anonymous and the technology editor at the Guardian turned sour, as the latter was accused of shoddy reporting of the hacktivists' campaign.

According to tech website PC World, an attempt to conduct an interview of Anonymous’s supposed leader and online voice Sabu, has left Charles Arthur of the British daily newspaper, the Guardian, high and dry.

Sabu, during the tweet war openly criticised Arthur for covering Anonymous and its activities irresponsibly and inefficiently. Sabu blamed the technology editor for writing about what the hacker group did instead of why the group is indulging in such activities. Sabu mentioned the Sun attack in particular.

"@charlesarthur We breach The Sun amid political drama, for political reasons, and your response is... shoddy journalism with FUD mixed in.

@charlesarthur Look at your twitter feed during the The Sun breach. Look at your bullshit article that preceded your tweets."

The conversation was followed by a joint statement issued by both the groups, Anonymous and Lulz Security, announcing their comeback against the corruption in government.

Sabu, during the conversation also revealed that the group is not willing to release the 4 GB data it had acquired after a breach of News Corp.’s The Sun, which is currently in court, in order to avoid any compromise on the legal front.

The full Twitter exchange between the two can be found here.