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Apple Switches To Samsung Display Drivers For iPad 2

iFixit, the company that offers free repair manuals and tears apart gadgets to see what they are made of, has recently made a surprising discovery, 9to5Mac reports.

It seems that newer versions of the iPad 2 incorporate a Samsung display driver, while iPad tablets produced until March 2011 had LG display drivers, labelled as SW0627B, also used in the original iPad.

The recently manufactured iPad 2 units seem to be using Wise View chips. However, no further information is currently known about these new chips, except that they appear to have been developed by Samsung. Unfortunately, there's no data on the new display driver on the Samsung Semiconductor site either.

iFixit questioned the change of the display driver, since iPad users haven't reported any kind of problem with their device's display. The pictures iFixit have taken of the newly manufactured iPad's driver indicate a considerable change of the display. The new Wise View chips may be pointing towards the release of an upcoming iPad with a higher resolution screen.

While no one knows for how long exactly the new display driver has been shipping in iPads nor the reason for the change, the fact that Apple is using Samsung's technology proves that the two companies are still cooperating and are not such bad enemies, in spite of all their recent legal wranglings.

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