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Did Apple Just Confirm iPhone 5 September Release?

For months now, rumours have pointed towards a likely autumn release of Apple's iPhone 5, with the consensus being it will probably arrive in September.

Apple, as usual, is keeping everyone in suspense, neither confirming nor denying the reports, but with September getting closer and closer, many are eagerly awaiting an announcement. Or has it already come?

During the earnings call session yesterday, the company revealed record sales and staggering profits for the quarter ending in June. Nevertheless, they predicted a 12% drop in revenue for the next quarter.

When Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer was asked about a possible coincidence between the forecasted 12% drop and the autumn release of the iPhone 5, he answered (opens in new tab) the following:

"For education buying season, September is weighted toward higher education, and we expect increases there. We also expect increases in iPhone, etc. There is also a future product transition that we are not going to talk about today. Those factors are already in our guidance."

Oppenheimer uttering the words "future product transition" was what caught everyone's attention, since he was most likely referring to the iPhone 5 (or maybe 4S?). For some the autumn release of the handset is almost as good as confirmed.

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