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Google Says Sun Offered Java License for $100 Million

An attorney at Google Inc. has revealed that the search engine was offered a deal to license Java for Android by Sun Microsystems before it was acquired by Oracle Corp. last year.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. had rejected an offer by Java developers to use the platform for its Android operating system in exchange for $100 million.

The lawyer, Robert Van Nest on Thursday revealed that the $100 million deal encompassed the use of Java completely for three years in developing Android OS in a partnership. He denied that Sun Microsystems offered the patent license for Java.

“They (Google) came to Sun saying we have a product we'd like to build together. You guys have technology that might be useful, we have technology that might be useful, let's partner and build it." Van Nest stated as he clearly mentioned that the offer was not a complete license negotiation.

The revelation has come after Redwood City, California-based Oracle Corp., the new owners of Java filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. seeking compensation of $6.1 billion for infringing upon the patents of Java to develop the Android operating system. Van Nest revealed the details during a Federal Court hearing in San Francisco.