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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Gets Hacked

Events took an interesting turn when the AnonPlus web page of hacker group Anonymous was hacked and defaced by unknown sources.

According to MSNBC, the infamous group of hackers, Anonymous, had developed a web page for social networking after the group was not allowed entry into Google’s latest social networking phenomenon, Google Plus.

On Wednesday, the web page titled, AnonPlus, after Google’s Google Plus was attacked by unknown sources and the page was left defaced. Currently, web users are directed to a web forum where discussions about yesterday’s attack are in progress.

If reports are to be believed, the hacker who defaced the logo of the hacktivist group is a Turkish national. He swapped the logo with that of a dog and also wrote:

“We Are TURKIYE We Are AKINCILAR... This logo suits you more... How dare you rise against to the World. Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire? We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world...” He also asked the hackers to go to their dog houses as they are not social people.

The hackers at Anonymous have apparently been left fuming after the attack on their webpage, with one alleged member replying:

"You seriously think hacking one little site will stop a movement for free speech ? HOW DARE YOU challenge us by saying 'How dare you rise against to the World' are you f-----g serious we are rising up against oppression!"