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Is Bing Getting a Refresh from Microsoft?

Software giant Microsoft is in the process of testing a new look for its Bing search engine which bring the ‘Live Tiles’ feature found on Windows Phone 7 web browser.

Rafael Rivera of Within Windows was the first one to notice the new look Bing and even posted some screenshots for every one’s benefits.

Microsoft has been flouting Live Tiles all over the place, with the feature making its first appearance in Windows Phone 7. The company will also make Live Tiles a primary feature in the Windows 8 platform, which will be optimised for tablet devices as well.

The Live Tiles feature is based on HTML 5 programming. The new Bing, which is yet to be made public, will also come with an instant search feature which made its debut on Google Search ages ago and full motion high definition video.

“We’re constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience, and before any changes are implemented they undergo intensive testing and experimentation to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. We have nothing further to share at this time,” Microsoft said in a statement to Seattle PI when asked about the changes.

Microsoft employees have also tweeted about the changes that are being tested internally.