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Lodsys’ Next Target: Angry Birds Maker Rovio

Makers of famous video game title Angry Birds have been accused of infringing patents by Lodsys.

According to BBC, the Espoo, Finland-based computer games developing company is being sued by Lodsys for patent infringement to develop content on Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android Operating System.

Lodsys, on Thursday filed a lawsuit in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in the US against a group of 11 companies including Atari, EA, Rovio, Square Enix, and Take-Two for violating its patents. Lodsys is a non-practicing entity firm that grants licenses for patents and does not have any other business other than this.

Rovio’s Angry Birds which has already been downloaded for more than 300 million times globally has not received any notification from the court regarding the lawsuit. The company plans to take action once it gets notified.

"As soon as we receive more information we will take appropriate action," stated the spokesperson for Rovio.

Lodsys, based in Marshall, Texas is already involved in a number of patent infringement cases ranging from small and medium businesses to big corporates including Apple Inc., The Teaching Company,, Adidas, and Best Buy.