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Mac OS X Lion Users Unable to Connect to WD NAS

An internal file upgrade in the new Apple Mac OS X Lion prevents users from connecting its Western Digital NAS drive to their system.

According to PCWorld, users of Western Digital’s My Book Live, WD ShareSpace, My Book World Edition (White Light), or My Book World Edition II (White Light) were not able to connect their network attached storage devices to a Mac running on the new operating system.

The glitch was caused by Apple changing certain file requirements on Mac OS X Lion. Western Digital said that it was working on a firmware update to fix the problem, which would take a while, but there is no work around available for the issue.

"Apple has changed the requirements of OSX's internal file protocol (AFP) to version 3.3," Western Digital explained on a support website.

"Any external drive that wishes to take advantage of the Time Machine software must comply with this new requirement. WD's internal software does not yet meet this requirement, and as such, Time Machine on OSX 10.7.x (Lion) will not be able to establish a connection." it added.

Users would receive an error that reads, “The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features“, stated a KB article on Western Digital.