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Murdoch-detecting app for Firefox tips up

A Firefox add-on that issues a warning should a user inadvertently stray onto a web site operated by the now universally loathed Murdoch empire has been created.

Murdoch Alert, "show[s] a warning bar on Murdoch Family-controlled websites" its creator writes. "This alerts users to the potential computer security risks of accessing Murdoch-controlled sites. Handy also for identifying the news sources controlled by the Murdoch Family."

The rationale for the add-on is that following the arrest of NewsCorp agents "for hacking into the phones and computers of at least thousands of innocent people", users might like to be made aware when their clicks may be seen to be sponsoring this illegal activity. "Since the Murdoch family controls 100+ high-traffic domains, it is difficult for average users to know which sites could potentially place them at risk," the creator writes.

The arrival of the Firefox extension follows the release a couple of days ago of a Chrome extension called Murdoch Block, which, rather than issue a warning, blocks the offending sites entirely.