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Noon News: Oracle Acquires Ksplice, Adobe Users May Face issues on Mac OS X Lion, Anonymous Hacked

Enterprise software maker Oracle has moved to acquire Ksplice to allow Oracle Linux customers install updates and bug fixes without rebooting. Ksplice develops zero downtime update technology for Linux, which will be used by Oracle to allow its customers to apply security updates, diagnostics patches and critical bug fixes with zero downtime.

Within a day of the launch of Apple’s latest operating system, the Mac OS X Lion, Adobe has come up with a list of issues that users of Adobe may suffer on Lion. According to tech website ZDNet, the San Jose, California-based Adobe Systems Inc. has released a long list of incompatibility issues users of the new Lion OS may suffer with Adobe’s services.

The Tulalip tribe in Washington is not thrilled with Microsoft naming one of its internal projects after the tribe. The tribe’s officials are currently in talks with Microsoft over the issue, but the company maintains that the name of the project was not supposed to leak to the outside world.

A latest report has suggested that volume of spam attacks have gone down over the duration of one year, however, exploitation through loopholes in Java and Adobe’s products remain as it is. A half yearly report launched by M86 Security has revealed that spam volumes have decreased sharply and have remained very low post the shutdown of, in September, last year.

Events took an interesting turn when the AnonPlus web page of hacker group Anonymous was hacked and defaced by unknown sources. According to MSNBC, the infamous group of hackers, Anonymous, had developed a web page for social networking after the group was not allowed entry into Google’s latest social networking phenomenon, Google Plus.

Ravi Mandalia

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