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Oracle Acquires Ksplice For 'Zero Downtime Updates'

Enterprise software maker Oracle has moved to acquire Ksplice to allow Oracle Linux customers install updates and bug fixes without rebooting.

Ksplice develops zero downtime update technology for Linux, which will be used by Oracle to allow its customers to apply security updates, diagnostics patches and critical bug fixes with zero downtime.

Ksplice is a privately held company based in Cambridge, Massachusets. Oracle did not reveal the financial details of the acquisition but informed that the transaction had been completed.

The company, which is embroiled in a legal battle with Google, said that it plans to make the zero downtime update feature a standard feature of the Oracle Linux Premier Support service. Oracle said that it does not plan to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Enterprise Linux and hopes to become the only Linux provider that offers zero downtime updates.

"System administrators are forced to choose between known best practices and added operational costs when administering Linux updates," said Jeff Arnold, CEO of Ksplice Inc.

"Ksplice's technology will be able to take Oracle's kernel updates and transform them into zero downtime updates that provide always-accessible systems with no reboot necessary. This results in improved system availability and security as well as reduced operational costs for the customer," he added.