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Ubisoft Introduces UPlay Passport Costing £7.99

Ubisoft Entertainment S.A. has announced the launch of its new service, UPlay Passport, to cash in on the flourishing market for second hand gaming titles.

According to tech website Thinq, the France-based video game developer and publishing company is trying to make money from gamers using second hand gaming titles, by charging for access to their online components.

The company said in an official statement, they were offering “a new program designed to provide players with access to bonus content, exclusive offers, and online multiplayer play” which is an “adjunct to Uplay, an in-game service that offers gamers extra value and community features, just for playing Ubisoft games."

Gamers will be charged £7.99 to get access to the higher levels of the game title along with web multiplayer games, extra content as well as exclusive bonus offers. The passport system will be introduced with Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco, and will cover all its core gaming titles.

Ubisoft joins the likes of Electronic Arts (EA), THQ, and Sony Corp in introducing the pass system to reduce the losses the video game market is suffering due to a rise in second hand gaming titles across the world. Currently, the Ubisoft Pass System will charge gamers in the United Kingdom only.