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Why Apple's iPhone Has Not Come To Sprint

If you were hoping for a Sprint iPhone sometime soon, you shouldn't hold your breath. During a visit to Sprint headquarters this week, Sascha Segan of PCMag said there was no hint of such a device on the horizon, with the topic actually causing irritation at Overland Park.

It doesn't make much sense, since Sprint uses the same 3G technology as Verizon and on the same frequency bands, so Apple wouldn't need to develop any new hardware. This leads one to conclued that the Sprint iPhone has been rejected on business, rather than technology, grounds.

Here are some of the feasible reasons:

A first justification is that Verizon has a six month exclusive deal, which would have placed the release of a possible Sprint iPhone in the summer; this would be too close to the likely iPhone 5 release this autumn. However, this theory has been contradicted somewhat by Apple COO, Tim Cook, who claimed the Verizon agreement was a "non-exclusive deal".

Another theory is that Apple doesn't perceive Sprint as an important global brand, a winner. And the company's name shouldn't be associated with any brand that they consider inferior, or heading towards extinction.

Apple doesn't really need a change right now, it seems to be doing incredibly well. So it is probably waiting for the proper time to add a new carrier, when the company is in need of a boost.

Or maybe it is Sprint who does not want to team up with Apple. The carrier is known for its unlimited smartphone data plan, and Apple users are ravenous consumers of data, which could be too much for the network. So perhaps Sprint doesn't want to change that image, at a time when other major carriers have given up on offering unlimited data.

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