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Will iPhone 5 Release Quash Nokia's Windows Phone Resurrection?

It seems that Nokia isn't in great shape; the company's quarterly financial report showed a 31 per cent drop in smartphone sales, compared to the second quarter last year, and a surprising 20 per cent drop in the mobile phone sector.

The company seems to be going down year by year, with the numbers suggesting that customers are losing their appetite for Nokia devices. Meanwhile, Apple is apparently gaining more and more ground, having finally surpassed the Finish company to become the second largest smartphone vendor and pushing Nokia into third position.

Of course Nokia is planning to release its first Windows Phone, the OS which it is banking on to resurrect its fortunes. But will the company be able to get through this turbulent period, especially with the upcoming release of Apple's iPhone 5 on the cards?

It's difficult to say, since quarterly losses in sales revenue of 492 million euros are nothing to be sniffed at. The company needs to get its much-awaited Sea Ray Windows Phone (opens in new tab) handsets out soon and hope it can stem the tide, although this will probably put it on a collision course with the iphone 5. Not only that, but the current iPhone devices are expected to go cheaper; and then there are other strong competitors, like Samsung with the highly acclaimed Galaxy S II, and HTC handsets also currently enjoying great success.

Hopefully, for the sake of healthy competition, the Scandinavian company will pull through and succeed in delivering the goods in this highly competitive smartphone market.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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