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Political rants of Norway shooting suspect online

Some of the thoughts of Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old suspected of gunning down more than 80 people in a mad Norwegian rampage on Friday may be discerned from writings which have been dug up and posted online.

The documents were first posted on (currently offline), which is apparently a meeting place for extreme right-wingers. They appear to have been unearthed by journalist Doug Saunders, who posted them on his blog. Saunders credits his 'Norwegian friends' for translating the documents, which, in general rail against multi-culturalism which Breivik calls 'cultural Marxism'.

The ramblings date back to October 2010 and seem consistently to blame the idea of multi-culturalism for what the writer perceives as society's current woes.

According to Breivik, if we assume he is indeed the writer, an infiltration of 'Marxists' into positions of influence, such as roles as teachers or university professors, has led to the idea that, "in particular [in] Norway and Sweden [...] the extreme Marxist attitudes have become acceptable/everyday while the old-established truths of patriotism and cultural conservatism today is branded as extremism (of kulturmarxister and humanists). Anti-nationalist attitudes have unfortunately not only become mainstream but is now required as a basis attitudes to be able to climb in PK hierarchies."

The "goal" is, apparently, "to create a Marxist utopia, a world without borders ruled by the UN, an opinion which is the main doctrine of Marxist thinking. To achieve this, the people [are] declared insane (racist / Nazi), and anti-democratic methods can therefore be allowed to replace the people by allowing the systematic colonization of the developing world."

The writer continues: "Had Western Europe and the U.S. decided to imprison all Marxists (Nazis and Marxists) after WW2 and swearing Marxist principles of hate ideology similar to Nazism, we had never been in the current situation. But we learn at least as long as we live. I doubt that a future patriotic regime will make that mistake again, if we manage to save the West before it is too late ...:-)"

There is plenty more of such drivel here.