AMD CEO Void Still Persists, Right Candidate Awaited

AMD is still looking for the ‘right candidate’ to fill the position of CEO but analysts believe that the company should go for an executive with a good track record instead of opting for a high profile candidate.

In a recent conference call with analysts, AMD claimed that time is not a factor in its search for a CEO but finding the right candidate is, Market Watch notes.

The company is rumoured to be considering several high profile executives like former HP CEO Mark Hurd and Michael Capellas, former CEO of Compaq Computers.

Some analysts believe that instead of a high profile CEO, the company should opt for a lesser known executive with a good experience and track record to navigate the company in a changing market landscape. The chip maker is struggling with falling PC sales as consumers focus their attention on Smartphones and tablet devices.

“If you have a star with real capability, then that probably would be most attractive to investors. But that’s a hard mix,” Cody Acree, analyst with Williams Financial said. However, no high profile executive is willing to take up job at AMD, judging by how the company’s board treated the last CEO and the company’s sinking market position.