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Analyst Claims Samsung Leading Smartphone Sales Chart

A research company has informed that electronics giant Samsung may have left behind Nokia and Apple in the sales of Smartphones.

According to Bloomberg, Neil Mawston, an analyst at Boston-based Strategy Analytics has indicated that Samsung may have surpassed Nokia and Apple’s sale in Smartphone market for second quarter of the current fiscal year, thanks to its Galaxy range of Smartphones.

“Samsung stands a reasonable chance of capturing the top spot on a quarterly basis if it can continue expanding its Android portfolio across high-growth markets like China and Brazil. Samsung and Apple will be at similar levels in smartphones by the end of the year.” Mawston wrote in an email.

The analyst has revealed that Samsung has sold anywhere between 18 million and 21 million Smartphones across the globe for both Android OS as well as its own Bada OS whereas Nokia is estimated to have sold not more than 16.7 million units. Apple falls in the second place with 16.7 million iPhones sold in the time between April and June.

While Apple and Nokia have chosen to remain silent on the report, Samsung’s recent release Galaxy is being considered as the reason for flare in company’s market share.