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Apple Alludes To Mac OS X Lion In New iPad 2 Advert

A new advertisement for Apple's iPad 2 apparently contains a subtle hint pointing to the newly released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Released on Sunday on both the iPad 2 page of the company's website and the official Youtube channel (opens in new tab), the new commercial is entitled "We'll always" and is based around the idea that, through the use of iPad 2, old things, like reading a book, cooking dinner or making a home movie, are now experienced in new ways.

Nothing unusual then in this appealing commercial, except that, towards its end, a reference to Mac OS X Lion quickly draws our attention. The subtle reference is presented during one of the spot's sections, referring to "learning new things", where a child is shown learning how to write the word "lion" next to a picture of a lion. In any other case we would probably think it is just a coincidence and nothing more, but when it comes to Apple, nothing is by accident or random.

The recent Mac OS X Lion upgrade arrived on the App store last Wednesday at $29.99 and over one million downloads were recorded in the very first day.

Through Lion, features from the iOS system and iPad were brought to the Mac, so the connection between the tablet and the Lion, as subtley presented in the ad, is most certain an intentional allusion.

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