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Attachmate Hires Fired Mono Developers For Open Source SUSE Project

When Attachmate bought Novell last year many worried for the fate of the open source projects on which Novell had been working. While most eyes were on SUSE, the open-source arm of which was primarily sponsored by Novell, the news that Attachmate would be laying off the staff responsible for the Mono project came as a shock.

the engineers formed a new company Xamarin, echoing the creation of Mono's original creator Ximian prior to its acquisition by Novell in 2003. Although this gave hope that the Mono project, which provides the frameworks necessary to support client and server applications written in Microsoft's .NET language, would continue, many wondered how it would do so without Novell's support.

"We hired all the people who were working on Mono at Novell, and now they continue to work on Mono at Xamarin," the project's co-founder and investor Nat Friedman explained to thinq_ (opens in new tab) during an interview. "Xamarin itself focuses on mobile development - we think that the tools and experiences that meet us today in mobile development aren't all that great. The root of the problem is that you have to write your app for each phone platform in a different language, with a different framework, multiple times for all the different phone platforms."

SUSE isn't giving up on the project either. Despite Attachmate sending a clear signal that it has little interest in Mono, SUSE will continue to be heavily involved in the project. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.