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Canadian Student Unearths Facebook App For iPad

Social networking giant Facebook’s “secret” iPad app is no longer just a rumour, after an Apple enthusiast discovered and exposed the code for what will eventually be the official Facebook application for Apple's iPad yesterday.

The discovery was made by a certain Marvin Bernal, a Canadian engineering student and a hardcore Apple enthusiast, while he was snooping around in the source code of the latest update for the official Facebook iPhone app. Much to the surprise of the new hero in the iOS geek community, Bernal managed to find the iPad app hidden within the source code which he was going through.

Though the iPhone update featured just some basic fixes accompanied by a few minor enhancements, Bernal outsmarted the geeks at Cupertino and somehow discovered the app.

Overwhelmed by the discovery, Bernal instantly logged in to his Twitter account and let the whole world know the amazing discovery ha had just made.

iPad users have been long demanding a dedicated Facebook app for their devices, and with this premature outing, the process could be accelerated and we may finally be on the verge of the app being unveiled.

You can see a gallery of images showing the leaked Facebook app for iPad (opens in new tab) here, via Tech Crunch. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.