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China shuts down two fake Apple Stores

Chinese authorities have shut down two fake Apple stores rumbled by a blogger in Kunming city.

News of the dodgy shops swept the Interwibble after being outed on a blog named BirdAbroad. On the blog, an American woman in Kunming said she came across the store and became suspicious at the tatty interiors. She decided: "This was a total Apple store ripoff. A beautiful ripoff - a brilliant one - the best ripoff store we had ever seen, and we see them every day. But some things were just not right: the stairs were poorly made. The walls hadn’t been painted properly."

Staff, who were wearing dodgy badges, thought there were working for Apple, BirdAbroad wrote. Turns out they weren't at all and Chinese authorities say they have found five such fake stores in Kunming, two of which have been closed down because they didn't have proper business licences, according to a report in the local Metropolitan Times newspaper.

The fate of the further three apparent fakes is unknown as yet.

Meanwhile, since her report on fake Apple stores in China, BirdAbroad has been inundated with reports from around the globe of various other shops decked out to look like bona fide Apple Stores.

In an update to her now-very-well-read blog, BirdAbroad-turned-investigative-reporter writes: "Apple stores from Croatia to Colombia, Burma to Venezuela, Slovenia to Spain, and in a dozen locations right here in China" have since been brought to her attention.

Looks like this one could run and run.