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Google Acquires Face-Recognition Technology Firm PittPatt

Search engine giant Google has moved to acquire face recognition software maker PittPatt to enhance some of its consumer products, giving rise to privacy concerns from some quarters.

Start-up PittPatt, which stands for Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, makes facial recognition software that is capable of recognising and tracking human faces across photos and videos among other media.

The company, which has its roots in the Carnegie Mellon University, has developed an API that helps it track the motion of human faces in a video, Tech Crunch reports.

Google already has a bunch of image related services like Google Image search, Google Goggles, YouTube and Picasa. It even recently launched a social networking platform, Google+.

PittPatt’s offerings will fit nicely into Google’s product portfolio and will help it give better services to users. “At Google, computer vision technology is already at the core of many existing products (such as Image Search, YouTube, Picasa, and Goggles), so it’s a natural fit to join Google and bring the benefits of our research and technology to a wider audience,” PitPatt said.

“The Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition team has developed innovative technology in the area of pattern recognition and computer vision. We think their research and technology can benefit our users in many ways, and we look forward to working with them,” Google said in a statement.