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Google+ Business Profiles Coming "Very Soon" With Analytics Tools

Google is reportedly planning to bring Business profiles to its Google+ social networking platform in the third quarter.

Soon after the platform was launched, seeing the hype that surrounded it, several business like Ford and Coca Cola opened company profiles on regular user pages.

The company had requested businesses not to use the general user profiles and asked them to wait till it rolls out profiles specifically designed for businesses. However, the company had failed to give a particular roll-out date for the business page feature, so many firms have jumped the gun.

Now, citing a Google spokesperson, Venture Beat is reporting that the company will launch a Google+ feature centered around businesses, along with analytical tools in the third quater.

“There will be a product very soon that has businesses’ interests in mind… We want to give them the features businesses expect and the features that can improve the sharing experience both for consumers and businesses,” the spokesperson said.

Businesses that have opened a profile on Google+ without bothering to wait for the real thing have been warned that once Google launches the business pages, they won’t be able to move the data to their business pages.