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Google ups lobbying budget as FTC probe looms

Online advertising outfit Google has spent a hefty $2.06 million on lobbying in the past three months, a report suggests, upping is political clout by over half a million dollars.

The extra budget for whispering into the ears of politicians just happens to coincide with a Federal Trade Commission investigation into its search and advertising activities.

The National Journal had a looks through Google's second quarter lobbying disclosures which revealed it spent almost $600,000 more in that three-month period than in the previous on and that it was using the money to lean on Congress, the FTC and the US Justice Department.

Its disclosure revealed it was concerned with “openness and competition in online services”. The FTC seems to think that Google might be leveraging its dominant position in Internet search to promote its own products and that it has fingers into too many parts of he Internet pie. No wonder Google is investing in putting it right.