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Google+ Users Angry Over ‘Fake’ Accounts Closure

Search engine giant Google is in the middle of a drive to delete ‘fake’ accounts from the Google+ social networking platform.

Google’s user terms of service asks users to use their proper name or the name everyone calls them by. However, some users, who have chosen to use pseudonyms for the sake of anonymity, have had their Google + account deleted by the company.

According to ZDNet, Google has deleted a lot of accounts in the name of maintaining its policies and most users are not too pleased about it.

Some users like Limor Fried, who was featured in the Wired Magazine recently, had her account restored, but many users have had their accounts suspended. Twitter is flooded with angry Google+ users reporting that their accounts have been suspended.

The company is asking people to verify their identity before it decides to reinstates their account. In some rare cases, people have had their entire Google account suspended, barring access to Gmail, Documents and Calendar.

“So today, I got off a plane this afternoon to find a pile of tweets, emails, and blog comments asking whether it was true that my Google+ account had been suspended. When I managed to get some wifi and check, it turned out that it had been,” former Google employee Kirrily “Skud” Robert wrote.