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iPhone 5 to Feature Voice Control System ‘Assistant’ Reveals Website

Monday morning news about the apparent launch of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone in September this year flashed through the entire web, making it obvious that reports about its specifications would line up next.

According to the tech website CNET, Apple’s iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be launched in September this year boasts of a new and advanced voice control feature titled Assistant. It is similar to the feature which was launched in iPhone 3GS.

The news which was leaked by 9TO5Mac along with screenshots indicates that Assistant will be more useful than only converting voice to text messages and control the basic functions of the iPhone. It hints at integration of app Siri, the company Apple acquired recently.

"Assistant uses your voice input and other information like your contact names, song names, and location to understand your requests. This data will be sent to Apple to process your request and to improve Apple products and services." states the SDK of iOS 5 as a warning.

Critics believe that if the rumour is meant to be true, Apple might halt its Assistant app from other versions of the OS to bring it as a full feature in the iPhone 5.