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Is Apple's iPad 2 A Versatile Device Or A White Elephant?

Does the iPad 2 tablet actually make computing more practical and enjoyable in everyday life; in other words, does it have a reason to exist, having truly found its place within the PC spectrum? Let's go through some of the iPad 2's features and assess this.

While the tablet isn't a replacement for most laptop PC's, it wasn't designed for this purpose; though it sure appears superior to basically any notebook, and to some laptops as well, improving on such computing experiences as web surfing, book reading and gaming.

Plus, compared to most PC's, the iPad seems to work at the speed of light: quicker wake-up, faster suspend, a lower draw on power while suspended, and all these in an utter silence. PC's should learn from these and also from the gaming graphics, which are much better in the case of the tablet.

What's great about iPads is that they are excellent media clients. Users may choose from a wide variety of apps, online publications and may also enjoy a host of TV networks. The shape, size, display are other pluses. Actually the overall design surely appeals to customers more than a regular laptop's design. Not to mention the battery life, which is supposedly up to 10 hours.

On the other hand, for serious computing, and especially for manipulating words or pictures, a PC is more appropriate than the iPad. An external keyboard may be necessary for this kind of activity, though the tablet does support them via Bluetooth.

All in all, it seems the iPad is stealing more an more time from other PC devices in various ways, and has established itself as a practical, versatile device that is here to stay.

Radu is the founder of, and has worked as a freelance writer for ITProPortal, as well as having been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.