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Is iPad Losing Ground Fast To Android Tablets?

Apple recently reported very impressive sales of 9.25 million iPad units in the second quarter of 2011; however, some other figures seem to suggest Apple's leading position in the sector isn't quite so secure.

Tablet shipments for the second quarter of 2011 were apparently of 61 per cent of the global tablet market share, which is down from the 94 per cent share the company scooped in same quarter last year. Meanwhile Android tablets registered a growth of almost 28 per cent in market share in Q2 2011 compared to the second quarter of 2010.

But is this the whole story?

On the face of it, Android tablets are gaining on the iOS tablet device at a fast pace, though the figures could be misleading. The sell-in (shipment) numbers above, do not necessarily represent the sell-out numbers. Apple sells all the iPads it can make, as the well-documented shipping shortages have proven. This is not however the case with Android tablets, so the actual number of devices sold to consumers is rather unclear, Cnet (opens in new tab)suggests.

The number of Android devices shipping will inevitably continue to increase, with Lenovo and Sony hitting the tablet market, joining other current or future Android device makers such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Asus, Acer etc.

The Android camp is getting bigger and bigger and will probably surpass Apple in the number of Android equipped tablets, but not necessarily in terms of successful sales.

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