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Judge Slams Oracle Damage Estimates

United States District Court judge has ruled out the damages estimated by Oracle Corp. from Google Inc. over patent infringement.

According to Reuters (opens in new tab), Judge William Alsup, in San Francisco has spoken against both companies for grabbing unreasonable positions during the hearing. The judge has ruled out the present compensation estimated filed by Oracle Corp.

Oracle has filed for damages against the use of Java patents by Google to develop its Android Operating System for as low as $1.4 billion and the amount could reach up to $6.1 billion. The damage report has been prepared by a professor of finance and economics at Boston University, Dr Iain M Cockburn.

The judge dismissed the report stating that the hypothetical negotiation must start with $100 million, the amount Sun Microsystems offered to Google Inc. in order to strike a technology partnership.

“You're both asking for the moon and you should be more reasonable," the judge stated as he went on to clarify in his written ruling that “the court is strongly of the view that the hypothetical negotiation should take that $100 million offer as the starting point.”

Alsup also found Google’s attitude towards the hearing session as unreasonable. Google Inc. has maintained that Oracle Corp. does not deserve any damages in the case.

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