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Noon News: Business Profiles on Google+, Google Toolbar for Firefox Discontinued, Google+ Getting Rid of Fake Accounts

Google is reportedly planning to bring Business profiles to its Google+ social networking platform in the third quarter. Soon after the platform was launched, seeing the hype that surrounded it, several businesses like Ford and Coca Cola opened company profiles on regular user pages.

Google Inc. has stopped using customer reviews from third party websites for its Google Place service following anti-trust investigation by the federal authorities. According to The Financial Times, last week Mountain View, California-based Internet Search giant put a full stop to the use of information from other websites for its Google Places service that offers help and information about local businesses.

AirBnB, which facilitates renting out a spare room to travellers, has managed to raise $112 million in funding, valuing the company at more than $1 billion. The recent round of funding was led by Andreessen-Horowitz and had DST Global and General Catalyst as participants.

Search engine giant Google is in the middle of a drive to delete ‘fake’ accounts from the Google+ social networking platform. Google’s user terms of service asks users to use their proper name or the name everyone calls them by. However, some users, who have chosen to use pseudonyms for the sake of anonymity, have had their Google + account deleted by the company.

Google has decided to discontinue Google Toolbar for Firefox version 5 and above, a move that has not gone down too well with the Firefox community. In a blog post, Google explained that many features offered by Google Toolbar for Firefox now come built in with the web browser; therefore the company has decided to kill the toolbar for the open source web browser.

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