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RIM Acquires Video Editing Company JayCut

Research in Motion has moved to acquire Sweden based video editing company JayCut to bring video editing capabilities to its smartphone and tablet platform.

According to a post made by the company’s chief technology officer David Yach, the acquisition will allow it to bring video editing and cloud based services to the BlackBerry platforms.

The Sweden based company offers an Internet based video editing service which has been licensed by several websites and companies.

“The BlackBerry PlayBook offers users premium multimedia features, including dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing, HDMI output and high resolution video playback,” Yach said.

“By working with JayCut to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers’ multimedia experience with BlackBerry,” he added.

The company failed to reveal the financial details of the deal while JayCut CEO Jonas Homburt describes the entire thing as ‘simply awesome’.

This is the second Swedish acquisition by the struggling Canadian Smartphone maker, having acquired TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) back in December 2010. TAT specialises stereoscopic 3D technology, gestures and haptics.

The acquisition comes as the company announced that it will be cutting 2,000 jobs around the globe in order to re-consolidate its resources.