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T-Mobile Proposes G-Slate As iPad 2 Killer

Having recently announced highly impressive quarterly sales for the iPad 2, is Apple's all-conquering tablet now in danger? T-Mobile seems to think so.

On its website, T-Mobile USA has belittled the popular iPad tablet, by creating a comparison page showing Apple's tablet in a bad light.

The page compares (opens in new tab)T-Mobile's G-Slate tablet (or LG G-Slate) with Apple's iPad 2 and the Motorola Xoom, listing specifications and price; with the overall conclusion being that the G-Slate is cheaper and faster than the other two. The Android powered G-Slate is claimed to be more than two times faster than Apple's iPad 2 and three times faster than the other Android powered device, Motorola Xoom.

It's easy to certify one of the above specifications, namely that T-Mobile's tablet is indeed less expensive than the other two. But that much faster? Not so sure about that.

When asked to justify the comparison by BGR, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that the three tablets' speed tests had been carried out by independent parties, in New York and Seattle, across 30 locations.

Apparently, the results showed that G-Plate is 200% faster than Apple iPad 2 and 300% faster than Motorola Xoom. The numbers sure seem a little phantasmagoric.

And even if it were true, the G-Plate has no chance of beating the iPad 2 when it comes to interface and applications.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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