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Tesco Becomes First Super Market to Offer Free Wi-Fi

Supermarket chain Tesco becomes the first of its kind super market that allows its customers to access Internet through their wireless connection.

According to The Financial Times, Tesco, a famous chain of supermarket showrooms in the United Kingdom has installed wireless Internet connection in four of its stores to enable its customers stay connected while they shop.

“My guess is it will go in all stores. You can stand Canute-like and pretend nothing is happening... or you can say it’s happening and I am going to help it happen.” stated Mike McNamara, the chief executive officer of Tesco.

According to McNamara, the service is to enable customers compare price of the commodities and read user reviews while they are shopping. Since the project has been initiated at only four stores as of now, the company plans to take it to other locations as well. However, they plan to discontinue the services, if the users are found to be streaming instead of utilising it for some productive purpose.

In recent times, Tesco has seen slow business in comparison to rival chains like Morrisons. The free wireless connectivity seems to be Tesco’s attempt to revamp and stay in tune with the current times.