£299 Toshiba 37RV753B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD

Electronics manufacturer Toshiba Corporation has come up with a new wide screen Digital LCD TV, the Toshiba 37RV753B.

The Tokyo, Japan-based producer and marketer of electronic items, Toshiba’s 37RV753B is a 37 inch wide LCD TV with full high definition resolution of 1920x1080 pixel, the highest available resolution in the global market. It has an active vision and projects excellent image and picture quality.

The TV has an in-built Freeview HD which enables users to enjoy terrestrial HD broadcast at no extra cost. It has four HDMI ports allowing users to connect all major tech accessories including Blu-ray discs and video game players at one go. The LCD also hosts two USB sockets to connect camera to view images and other audio and video devices.

In audio, the TV has Dolby digital sound and supports sound navigation system effectively. The LCD TV is a world class product with maximum number of global standard features. It promises a pleasure-filled TV viewing and gaming experience for its users.

Not only this, but the LCD TV comes equipped with additional features including DLNA, Auto view and an Eco Panel.

The Toshiba 37RV753B Widescreen Digital LCD TV is available at Amazon’s website for a discounted price of £299.