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35% Of Consumers Plan To Buy iPhone 5, Survey Reveals

A recent PriceGrabber Survey has revealed that 35 per cent of consumers are planning to purchase Apple's next iPhone, thought to be arriving this September.

2,852 US online consumers were questioned from July 1st until July 11th. Of the 35% of respondents mentioned above, 51% intend to buy the device within the first year, 30% plan to buy it by the end of 2011, 14% in the first month and 7% say they will buy iPhone 5 within the first week.

The survey also questioned the respondents as to which iPhone 5 features they would take into consideration when purchasing the device: 59% are hoping for improved battery life, while 55% are looking for reduced costs. Also, 46% are hoping for 4G compatibility, 45% would like a larger screen and 42% want an improved camera.

It seems that Apple's operating system is the most preferred one on the market, since 48 per cent of PriceGrabber survey respondents said iOS is their favorite. A notable proportion, since only 19% prefer the Android OS, 7% answered Windows Phone and only 6% chose RIM's BlackBerry OS.

Even if there are numerous things you can do on your smartphone, most of the respondents seem to be using their device for basic things, such as calls, texting, emails and Internet browsing.

Another interesting fact is that 36% of consumers use their smartphone while shopping, to compare prices, scan product bar codes, and find nearby products using localisation features.