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Amazon Removes Kindle In-App Feature, At Apple's Behest

Internet retailer Amazon Inc has accepted the new terms and conditions laid down by Apple Inc for companies placing their apps on its AppStore.

According to tech website Computer World, Amazon Inc has accepted the new terms by removing links on its Kindle apps for iPhone and iPad which allow users to access the content directly from its online store.

Apple has decided upon new rules to seek around 30 per cent of each sale made by companies from their applications on Apple’s AppStore.

"Our philosophy is simple -- when Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30% share. When the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100% and Apple earns nothing," Apple’s chief executive and co-founder Steve Jobs had stated while announcing the policy change early this year.

AppStore users willing to buy content from within the app must decline the update for Amazon Kindle 2.8 which is to be released on Monday. Other users can visit Amazon’s website and buy the content through Apple’s web browser Safari.

Google Inc. has also agreed to the new terms for its Google Books service, which has recently been re-released without an in-app purchasing button; however, companies including Kobo Inc. and News Corp.’s subsidiary the Wall Street Journal have refused to bow down. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.